What is the Traveling Tyler’s Sword?

Behold The East Traveling Tyler Sword!

The idea for this sword came to be by the Brothers from Glenview Lodge #1058 in Glenview, IL. The sword is to travel east, from Lodge to Lodge, around the world, until it reaches it’s original starting point.

Where is The Sword?

Palmyra Lodge # 184 in Palmyra, Michigan.

Most Worshipful Grand Master Larry Jusdon was in attendance for a wonderful transferring of the sword at Palmyra 184 brought to us by Northeastern Lodge #210 of Freemont, Indiana.

Where has it been?

The Journey of The Tyler Sword:

Lodge of origin: Glenview Lodge #1058 Glenview, IL

It was sent to: George Washington Lodge No. 325 in Bristol, IN

And from thence by land to: Star Lodge No. 225 in Orland, IN

To: Northeastern Lodge #210 of Freemont, Indiana

To: Palmyra #184 in Palmyra, MI

Where is it going next?

To be determined!

Check out its path on the Masonic Map below!

Details about the Sword (incomplete):

The sword is ___ long and made from Damascus steel. It weighs approximately __. A leather wrapped handle with Templar inscriptions..

The sword case is equipped with a GPS tracking device….insert more content.

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